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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Here are the best baby clothes to add to your newborn’s wardrobe. Make sure your little bundle of joy has the best and most reliable infant-wear essentials.

Shopping for baby clothes can be quite difficult. As babies grow surprisingly fast, you will often see that the outfits you have just bought start getting too tight for your baby. That’s why adding new outfits to the wardrobe is something you will do on a regular basis. Another very important element of shopping for baby clothes is the material used in infant wear.

Knowing that newborns have very sensitive skin, parents must be keen on choosing the right piece of clothing. And the right outfit means that it is suitable for your baby’s skin and for their size. In this guide, we will be focusing on the best baby clothes like onesies, footwear, sleepers and more.

Best Baby and Newborn Clothes

Sleepsuits, footies, blankets, scratch mitts, and pram suits are some of the ones that must be in your baby's wardrobe.

Make sure that you are buying the right amount of clothes and that they are suitable for the climate you live in. Also, keep in mind that cotton is usually the best fiber used in infant wear. Comfortable clothes made from soft materials like cotton or muslin are the best.

What kind of clothes are best for babies?

Especially highly stretchable bodysuits with an envelope neck must be on your shopping list. When undressing your baby, the dress should stretch enough to not hurt the baby’s neck or head. Onesies with zips can make the dressing process easier for you as well.

Will a newborn fit in 0-3 months?

Size 0-3 months clothes should result in no problem for babies that are up to 11 or 12 pounds. Instead of directly purchasing a ton of newborn clothes, prefer sizes 0-3 months as babies grow up quite fast. You can always roll up the sleeves of the dress if it is too big. But tight clothes will not be very useful for your baby after some point.


Onesies will be one of those outfits you will shop for regularly. Most onesies come in 4 and 5-packs to keep up with your baby’s growth. They are also called bodysuits as they cover your baby’s whole body and snap at the crotch area.

It is important to note that onesies or bodysuits come in different shapes and sizes. From long-sleeved onesies to short-sleeved rompers, it is best to have different kinds of them for different weathers. Another great feature of onesies is that they are quite stretchable and allow infant to easily move their arms and feet. They are also made from materials that are resistant to multiple washes.

Footed Onesies

Footed onesies are one of the most essential clothes you need to buy for your baby. They eliminate the problem of missing socks or booties and embrace your baby altogether. These clothes are also called jammies and are especially better for colder days. Make sure you have a footed onesie in your baby’s wardrobe.

Baby Sleepers

When it comes to the best baby clothes and essential infant wear, baby sleepers should be on your shopping list for sure. They will not overwhelm your little joy in hot nights and also keep them warm in low temperatures. Baby sleepers or simply pajamas come with zips, allowing you to remove them easily.

Sleep Sacks

best clothes for babies

Sleep sacks are a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe. It serves as a wearable blanket and traps the heat. It comes with zips and offers a spacious area for your baby to move around. It is a much-needed piece of clothing, especially on cold nights. The roomy sack design allows your baby to kick around as well instead of blocking movement like many other outfits. Thanks to its inverted zipper, it allows for easy diaper changes as well.

Socks and Booties

Footwear is an important part of infant wear. The feet are more prone to cold than any other part of the body. Knowing that babies’ body temperature does not stay stable for long, you need to make sure you have enough socks and booties in your wardrobe.

That’s why footwear is essential when it comes to shopping for new clothes. Even though they are notoriously known for their failure to stay on, make sure that you have enough socks in the wardrobe that are thick and soft.

They do not stay on very well because of the cute and lumpy extremities of your toddler. We suggest buying wiggle-proof socks that come with bands that stick to your baby’s feet. Make sure they are not very tense though. Otherwise, it might leave marks and cause minor skin irritations. We almost never see that on high-quality or best newborn clothes.


Most baby leggings are highly stretchable. This means that pants and leggings are some of the clothes you will not buy as many as onesies or other outfits. Keep in mind that you will be buying more and more of them as your baby grows though. Also, note that cotton pants are the ones you should look for as cotton is the most preferred material used in infant clothing.

Knit Cap

best clothes for newborns

Knit Cap is a very important piece of clothing that must be in your baby’s wardrobe. Especially during cold winter days, you need to make sure your baby’s head is warm and their body temperature is preserved. Knit caps are thick and soft and they look incredibly cute.

Sustainable Baby Clothing

Sustainability holds an important part of the fashion and apparel industry. It is key to preserving the environment and reducing negative impacts on humans and resources. Unlike conventional production methods, sustainable production contains almost no petrochemicals or various other toxic components.

The chemicals used in the production of synthetic clothing not only damage the environment, but it is also not ideal for baby skin. That’s why looking for clothes made from modal or organic cotton is of utmost importance. When it comes to best baby clothes, make sure that you are buying clothes made with eco-friendly production methods.

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