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Welcome to Aksem Baby

We manufacture high-quality baby clothing that serves your business. From digital printing to the cutting room, decoration, sewing, iron, packaging, research, and development, you can find everything in our one roof!

For over a decade, we have been producing baby clothes in the most modern way possible. We use only high-quality materials and follow every detail to make sure your children are safe from harmful chemicals while also being made with love by people who care for them just as much you do!

What we do?


Traditionally, the production of fabric has been a tedious and complex process. With Digital textile printing, the process produces high-quality apparel from digital files. It is easy for us to do mass production, with our industrial piece-based machine capable of up to 6.000 pieces per day!


To enhance the dress appearance and looks, we pass the clothes through the decoration process, where the fabric pieces are stitched to the dress. The decorations for all of our products and samples are created within the company, using top-notch machinery. 


The Sewing Department at Aksem is the best place to go for all your sewing and garment printing needs. We have a wide variety of different types, such as chain stitch needles with multiple arm positions that will help you create beautiful patterns on thin materials like cotton or lawn. The sewing team is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services that will never disappoint their needs.


Say goodbye to the old-fashioned dresses that don't catch the attention anymore. We're a team of 4 stylists, 3 designers, and 8 assistants. We use the latest equipment to produce high-quality samples fast, which we then put through an extensive process before they make their way onto your newest collection!


Want to order baby clothes?

Aksem baby is the leading name when it comes to baby clothes. We name to fulfil all your business needs. Whether you want to order from our collection or want to customize it - you can hire us because we can do both.

You Know What Else We Offer?

A lot! We offer all kinds of baby products that can make your business stand in the limelight of the industry. We undergo a highly-innovative manufacturing process including digital printing, cutting, sewing, decorating, ironing, packaging, research, and development.


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