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Making Sustainable

Baby Clothing 

is Our Passion


Welcome to Aksem Baby

We are a Turkish baby garment manufacturer with over a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing baby clothes. Aksem Baby produces high-quality baby clothing made of organic cotton, modal, and 100% cotton. We cater to businesses all over Europe. The designing, cutting, sewing, decorating, digital printing, ironing, packaging, research and                                                           development, are all happening in our facility.

For over a decade, we have been producing baby clothes in the most modern and sustainable way possible. We use high-quality materials and pay attention to every detail to make sure that our baby clothes will stand time and can be passed                                                                               down through generations.

What we do?


Traditionally, the decoration of garments has been a tedious and complex process. Digital textile printing technology enables a fast and steady process of printing designs onto the garments from digital files. With our industrial machinery, our facility is capable of producing 6000 pieces of clothing per day.


We don’t only use digital printing technology to enhance the appearance of our garments, we also like to add unique touches by adding stiches or fabric pieces to the baby clothes. The decorations for all of our products and samples are created within our facility, using the most advanced machinery. 


The sewing department at Aksem Baby is where most of the magic happens. We have a wide variety of machinery such as chain stitch needles with multiple arm positions that will enable the creation of beautiful patterns on thin materials like cotton or modal. Our very talented and experienced sewing team is making sure that our customers get the most beautiful and durable baby clothes.


Quality, comfort and sustainability are among our key values. We have a team of 4 stylists, 3 designers, and 8 assistants working on our products. At each new garment, we produce samples which we then put through an extensive process of quality audit before they make their way into your newest collections.


Do you want to order baby clothes?


We can manufacture your own designs. If you are new to designing your own garments our designer team can help you. We also offer private label production. We can insert your label on the selected items. Creating your own baby clothing collection was never as easy as with us. If you don’t want your own brand, you can enrich your selection from our Bibaby collections.

Do you know what else we offer?

We offer all kinds of baby products that can make your business stand out. Whatever you need, we get it sorted in our facility: design, manufacturing, digital printing, cutting, sewing, decorating, ironing, packaging, research and development. Let us know what you need. 

Our Partners

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